Furthering the awesome feeling of constructing my bookshelves, I continued my run of being awesome.

Happy in his newly furnished looking room

I put Max’s bed together, so now he is elevated from the floor, we had to have a very serious discussion that it was still the same bed, and his bob quilt would still go on top, and yes, it truly is a big boy bed. But after a couple of checks on my bed, and then his, we came to the conclusion that it would probably be ok.

Then the Salvos were selling local pumpkins, so I bought one, and promptly made pumpkin soup.  I also finally made some watermelon relish, I’v had the recipe for yonks and it looks really pretty.  Though the smells it wafted off were not exactly delicious that may have something to do with the fact that it’s watermelon rind, vinegar and sugar along with some peppercorns so as it cooks it just has gross vinegar smells.

I also made dippers for the soup by grilling wraps.  Something I do often, and are yum, though was a bit off today and had fires in the grill a couple of times – oops!

A kitchen full of joy

Interesting smells, but delicious results


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