Sense of achievement

So I bought these two little shelf units for bedside tables, they’re boring, bland and were only $14 each, so later in the piece might spruce them up a bit. However I have this great sense of achievement that I managed to put them together, so why not post about it?

But I’m all, woop, I did something, yay me! There is however a part of my brain going – yeah, you have a wrist that turns, cos seriously, it’s 5 pieces of wood per cabinet, and they are all pre-drilled, finished and everything. All I did was get out my trusty swiss army knife, and turn the screws until they were flush(ish) with the holes.

But still, woop me.

Also, is it a concidence, or are the Swiss and the Swedes working together for economic world domination – the Swiss make Victorianox (aka Swiss Army knife), and the Swedes invented IKEA (aka furniture you can put together with a swiss army knife).


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