The Story of the Dragon

I got up this morning, and while sitting on the patio to have my coffee I spotted this little fellow… Made the house seem a bit like a fairy tale, unfortunately it doesn’t come equipped with a knight in armour, or a drawbridge. It does have a creek, which is a bit like a moat I guess!

Along with our resident dragons, we’ve got a resident population of bush turkeys who patrol the neighbourhood, a range of geckoes who keep the bug life down, and the odd giant moth.

We’ve been in the house for almost a month now, so are almost set up, and I’m starting to look for some projects, I’ll be making lots of interesting things from our massive veggie patch, so look our for a recipe page for my successes (and maybe stories about fails). And I plan on learning lots about gardening, craft, maybe a wee bit of construction, we’ll see about that. Plus I’ll be partaking of touristic activity and highlighting what’s cool about the area. I may even bore you a little with my new fit and fab regime 🙂

Welcome, I hope you enjoy!