Getting Tipsy

I’ve had a couple of odd things happen the last couple of days.  One was during a driving lesson I learnt how to turn a car.  Now this sounds fairly straight forward right?  And it is, so I’d never thought that it was something I should be asking questions about, you turn the steering wheel, which in turn pivots the front wheel and the car moves in an arc like direction and navigates the bend.  However there’s more to it than that, all about the back wheel being the pivot point and inertia and physics and stuff, I hadn’t thought further than turn the steering wheel – car turns, so I’m now working towards being a more accurate driver who doesn’t continually cut corners.  Yup the joys of being 29 and only just learning to drive.  My second thing is colloidal silver. It’s just weird.


Holy Macaroni

Oops it’s been a long time between posts.  I only just realised, there has been an excessive amount of illness in my house – anyone know of good home remedies let me know.  Basically for anything cos we’re pulling out all stops.  Well me and Max are anyway, Graeme is, as always, a perfect example of good health.  Not Fair.

This post is going to follow a show and tell format. Let me know if you wish for instructions for any of the following, there’s just such a lot here!!

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