Settling in


So I’m loving exploring the new pad, got my bike fixed, and have done some serious cruising, I have traversed the island, and as far north as paved road goes. I’m not sure about slogging it out on sand!  In our new spot we have a beautiful beach (though I shall not be biking again, more about the mad magpie later), the placid passage, and parks abound.

My favourite ride so far was heading up to White Patch.  It was that good I forgot to take photos.  Looking across the water to the mainland and the Glass house mountains, Mangroves and Eucalypt, the only sound the chirping birds and the breeze through the spokes.

Pelicans at Bongaree


Max and I have also been enjoying picnics at Bongaree.  Watching the Pelicans catching their lunch is pretty astounding too, I just can’t believe how big their mouths are.

We checked out Woorim beach one day too, which was a great ride – there were a few hill-like bumps on the way which was nice, it was a beautiful day, and Max and I were cruising along, chatting away, when I saw a sudden swooping form flit by me.  It puzzled me, but I gave no further thought. Until another 100m or so down the track it came in again, clacking at me, and then before I had the chance to think, it struck once more, and nearly took off my nose. Mad Magpie had struck.  It got me on the inside of my nose. Could not believe it, and am now biking with a great deal more awareness of avian companions.

Slice of Heaven

So we sat on the beach for a little while, Max having a great

Woorim beach

time in the huge “sandpit” but the water is still a touch too cold for my liking. Found a cute little café called Slice of Heaven where I had a Long Mac served by a guy who seemed to know his way around a coffee machine. After a discussion about the best serving vessel – we decided a glass was the way to go – I got a really good coffee. Loving the Silver Fern on the side and the name.

There are a few markets in the area which I am still to check out, and apparently a huge farmers market in Caboolture.  Plus I’ve been baking bread recently, and have a great Cajun/pistachio chicken burger recipe to share – stay tuned kids!



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