Promises promises

I hereby make a heartful promise to start posting on a more regular basis.  It’s only been 2 years since my last post – surely not much has happened…

Oh, wait, make that a crap load has happened, of course.  I have a driver’s license, a car, we own a dog and a house.  I have painted inside said house, which was a new experience, and rather enjoyable, and I kind of can’t wait to do the last wall of the kitchen and the two bedrooms  we had a yellow house, and it was not to my liking at all.  Now we have a colour called lexicon – it’s a marginally gray white.  M has learnt to ride his bike and has just moved to the stage where there are no longer training wheels and tonight his best mate is coming over for a sleepover.  Which as you can imagine is super exciting for him – he was asking about it before he even woke up properly this morning. So many things – but all I can do is point you towards my instagram – bayrad where I guess you can piece together some of the happenings – and follow me if you’d like.

At the moment we have a new kitchen going in – so far I have one functional pantry, one corner cupboard that will have a lazy Susan in it, and one small cupboard – but the have no doors, or bench top on yet.  I have a beautiful oven and rangehood in my garage in boxes, and the integrated dishwasher I got for silly cheap cos its floor stock and discontinued line… they all have to wait.  Nothing  more can happen until we get the kitchen sink.  Which we have waited a month for already and it’s just been delayed another 6 weeks.  Am considering getting a different sink and convincing myself that an extremely beautiful apron front porcelain sink won’t go with the style of the kitchen and it’s not as practical. It’s nearly working.

I also have been going for long walks on the beach, practicing yoga, dolphin spotting, running, cooking, reading and all the usual things.

And that will do me for today…


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