Sourdough dreams

IMG_20140910_142706I have tried, once before to make my own sourdough.  After carefully measuring and feeding my way through about 5 days I had a lovely if rather whiffy mason jar sitting on my bench, nearly ready to go but when it only had a day or so to go a cold snap came along and killed it.

So now the kitchen is so close to being finished I’m feeling like I have some breathing space, and some bench space, and it’s coming up to summer, so it might be time to try again.  It’s pretty much just a case of 200g flour with 200ml warm water feeding and fermenting. But of course, as with all things which appear outwardly simple there is a far more complex process going on behind the scenes.  And with my propensity toward absent-mindedness there’s that whole issue of remembering to feed it.  After all it won’t tell me when it’s hungry – unlike another little tummy which is half the reason I’m thinking of doing sourdough again!

Speaking of the monkey-man he took to the field last week for his first go at Touch.  before we got there I was trying to work out if he had any idea of what was about to happen and he wasn’t sure except that his best friend would be playing too, and there was a ball that you kick with your foot.  Very cute watching the little guys running about with clearly no clue as to what was happening, but also clearly having a ball working it out.

We’ve got clear evidence that spring is here – the avocados are flowering, the blueberry flowers are turning to fruit, and there are teeny tiny peaches on the tree, so this week we’ve planted seeds, M drew some lovely tags for the plants and we’ve cut down a heap of egg cartons and in them we have planted

  • watermelon
  • sunflower
  • tomato
  • beans
  • beetroot
  • chia
  • linseed
  • lettuce
  • rocket

Also in are a range of poppies and wildflowers, along with a grasstree and a couple of warratahs.  Not sure how they’ll go as they are pretty old and I didn’t have any wildflower starter – but all gardening is a gamble at the best of times is it not?

It’s time to dig up the kumera patch and see how many we’ve missed, and move it to this year’s spot.  I’ve been informed that root crops should be grown where last year there were ground crops so a reshuffle is in order, plus I’d like for this years garden to be somewhat more accessible. Admittedly it may not be so easy as I’m sure we’ll run into the same problem this year – our veggie patch seems to really like tomatoes, so much so that this years whole tomato crop is from self-sown tomatoes, and they’re all right in the middle of other things. Hoping this year we’ll be able to find a good bug deterrent for them though as quite a few have been attacked.

I also found a recipe for soap, so hopefully will have a go at that this week also.




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