Feeling very very computer illiterate right now

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It’s a little bit Magic

So, I’ve been using bluetooth a bit this week, isn’t it just a little bit magic, there’s a photo on your phone, and by some inexplicable manner, all of a sudden it’s on your computer….  I like magic.  Last night we had a fairy drop off some magic pixie dust (aka table salt) and we went around the house doing a scary things detox.  It’s my recipe for the day, ideally you’re probably be going to do it for your smallish child, though it lends a certain je ne ses quoi to your day.

ImageMagic Pixie Dust Ritual

  • A small and fanciful container
  • One pinch of salt per scary thing

Track down your scary thing habitat

Take one pinch of salt, place in the flat of your hand

Blow in the direction of the scary thing

Throw the salt in the air

At the loudest possible level yell “Go away scary thing”

Then if you are Max walk around say “there are no scary things anywhere anymore” for an unspecified period of time.

Sleep safe in the knowledge that you have no more scary things

Why, hello there stranger

Strange things are happening, in my wardrobe of all places.  After my birthday I decided to invest in some new clothes, as the fact that in the last 3 months I’ve lost more weight than my 2 year old weighs (thanks Shannan Ponton and your 8 week challenge) meant that I was having a hard time keeping on any of last years winter clothes.

I’ve been a size 18 for a while now, and if I were entirely honest I could tell you that I wasn’t trying on clothes, and was simply accepting that that was where it was.  And in the same vein I probably should say that some of the 18’s I was buying probably were verging on the too small side, I was just refusing to accept it.

So shopping for size 16’s was pretty cool.  You can find them in shops fairly easily, unlike larger sizes and there are cuts that are quite stylish and flattering, rather than boxy and fattering*. But, here’s my true reason for celebration this eve. I tried on a pair of pants purchased on the shopping trip mentioned some time ago, I hope you’re still there reader, as this is getting a touch rambly. I’m even practicing neologism here people. anyway, as I was saying.  Bought a cool pair of teal jeans from Katies – these ones in teal.  They are amazing, and comfy and I truly recommend that everyone get a pair. Stick with me, we’ll work through the tangents. The thing is, I got a pair of 18’s  and they just about fell off, so a pair of 16’s was bought in, and they were comfy, and I loved the colour, and so home with me they came.  But when I put them on this morning thinking it was the right kind of day to rock some colour block, with jeans and an Espirit dress that deserves it’s own post, I found that apparently a 16 is not right for me either…

Hello there stranger, size 14 pants it is!!!!!  I further confirmed this with a purchase of tights today, whereby when I tried on the 16s they proved my point, so I am sitting here a ridiculously pleased with myself size 14.  With a pair of those damn fine Katie’s Jeans that won’t stay up on my hands.

I have however celebrated this win with a feast of cheese, crackers and olives for dinner tonight, washed down with a bottle of wine so I may find that that is not a problem for long…  if you are in the region, drop in to Maleny


Cheese, where you will find an awesome selection of mouthwateringly good treats.  My platter tonight consisted of their Wasabi Cheddar, Buffalo Feta, St Clair, and a low fat Brie accompanied by crackers, olives, a Black Swan Broad bean and hummus dip, and 97% fat free semi dried tomatoes.  Yummo.  If anyone from the Challenge has come over for a read, I did also do a walk pushing the pram that was about 2 hrs long, incorporated a 89m climb, so when I was at the supermarket deciding what dinner would be since Gra is working late tonight, I figured that I maybe could go a little wild…

Ah, ok, so the point of my post?  Oh, yeah, Size 14, hello stranger.  It’s been a ling time since you were in my life, my being a size 12 goal seems attainable for the first time in a long, long while, rather than simply something that I can see shimmering in the distance as something which is nice, but it ain’t going to be a reality any time soon.  Yay for the little things in life that make you realise how truly good life can be.  I love the little bonuses you throw my way that make me feel all happy like this over a silly little thing which makes me feel ever so powerful.  Mwah ha universe I have a say.  I control all that is me, and you can’t actually stop me if I can put in the motivation, and the better I do, the more motivation I feel.+++

* I know fattering is not a word.   There’s this thing I’ve noticed whereby they seem to not increase the amount of fabric used for sizes 14 +, so while a size 12 top is flattering, and a nice length, by the time you get to a size 16 top there’s not quite enough cover around the midriff area, you find that lifting your arms becomes somewhat of an embarrassment, as suddenly more stomach is exposed than you’re happy to accept, especially once you’ve got a few baby badges (i.e. stretch marks) to show off.

+++  Tomorrow I shall attempt to post a rather more coherent and rather less wine fuelled piece documenting a couple of cool domestic tricks I have discovered in the past couple of days 🙂

High temps and Horror days

Some of you may have noticed that my last post went up in a rather unfinished state.  Also that it was posted at silly o’clock this morning.  That’s thanks to a case of what the doctor suspects is viral Laryngitis, which woke us up at 4.30am this morning.  Which also was followed with a sore throated voiceless wee man being very upset and making strange mewling noises.  Then when the doctors opened rushing to get the one appointment before noon.

The wishy-washy diagnosis (yeah, I get that kids just get stuff, but I hate how it’s “probably” this, or “maybe” that) meant that there was no daycare, and my day of shopping meant I had him along, which was fine, but it did mean that in the course of the day I bought:  Hydra-lyte (and a new drink bottle to drink it from), water, a red rooster kids meal (which I then ate myself as he couldn’t deal with it), Nurafen for kids, a whole new outfit (since he puked on what he was wearing) so my spend was rather more than I expected.

All he’s wanted to do is sleep, which he had difficulty with all day, and cuddle his Mumma. I hate it when you can’t DO anything, and he doesn’t understand why he’s so sore.  Poor wee man, can only hope that he feels better for his birthday tomorrow!

I will show off my shopping one day soon when it’s all calmed down here.

I’m the Easter Bunny

Can't talk,I'm doing quality control on the chocolates that were hiding in the garden. Think I have contained them all

I had a teacher at school and we used to often while away Maths classes singing silly songs, one of which was about the easter bunny.  Now I have the only line I can remember, which is “coz I’m the easter bunny”, stuck on repeat in my head.

If anyone has any annoying songs about the easter bunny they’d like to share let me know!

Here goes my promised update on the goings on of Easter.

White Rose

Pink Rose


Yellow rose

variegated leaf plant - just love the trio of colours

A collection of floral tributes, I went out into the garden the other day and was taken by the range of colours, shapes, textures


and interplay of light that I found there. I seem though to have taken lots of roses, so another time I shall have to delve into the more tropical aspects and the bright shininess that they throw out.

I also promised you a look at my ultra artisan hot cross buns.  I made them to this recipe  but used a combination of spelt and whole grain flour, a mix of dried mango, cranberry and blueberry, and molasses instead of sugar. I have now discovered that you need quite a light-hand when working with spelt flour as the gluten is not as durable as when using standard flours.

Hot Cross Lumps

They came out looking rather lumpish, and were pretty heavy.  However the flavours were amazing, and I’m pretty impressed with them for my first sourdough cooking experience. Just don’t judge me too harshly!

We had a great time over the long weekend, my sister Amy came up to visit and we had heaps of fun.  Went to visit Australia Zoo, where Steve Irwin’s dreams live on.  The midday show they do is awesome, with input from the birds, crocs and elephants.  Also spent a lot of time looking at kangaroos, Cassowary, Tigers and a screed of other creatures.  The zoo is awesome, however the new Africa section lets the side down a wee bit, but I think they still have a bit of work to do on it. We also had a couple of swims at the beach – Cotton Tree and Noosa, and a great lunch at the Surf Club at Noosa. Gra and I got a night off when Amy stayed in to babysit max and we went to the RSL here, it was really nice, though a rather interesting decor!

Yo homey, I have easter eggs in my bag, check it.

A boy's gotta accessorize

Feeding the crocs

Black cockatoo

Max and Amy watching the show








Chillaxing with the roos

Isn't he cute?

Little monkey in the garden








Just for a comparative note, this is Brutus, a massive croc we saw on the Adelaide River near Darwin.