It’s a little bit Magic

So, I’ve been using bluetooth a bit this week, isn’t it just a little bit magic, there’s a photo on your phone, and by some inexplicable manner, all of a sudden it’s on your computer….  I like magic.  Last night we had a fairy drop off some magic pixie dust (aka table salt) and we went around the house doing a scary things detox.  It’s my recipe for the day, ideally you’re probably be going to do it for your smallish child, though it lends a certain je ne ses quoi to your day.

ImageMagic Pixie Dust Ritual

  • A small and fanciful container
  • One pinch of salt per scary thing

Track down your scary thing habitat

Take one pinch of salt, place in the flat of your hand

Blow in the direction of the scary thing

Throw the salt in the air

At the loudest possible level yell “Go away scary thing”

Then if you are Max walk around say “there are no scary things anywhere anymore” for an unspecified period of time.

Sleep safe in the knowledge that you have no more scary things