Seriously – hand, foot and mouth disease???

Not sure, but at Max’s daycare there has been an outbreak of hand, foot and mouth disease, which has left me wondering if that’s what he’s been down with – apart from the blistering (though he does ahve a blistery rash in the nappy area) it seems that the symptoms match.  Eww.  It sounds gross, though that’s probably cos it makes me think of the more bovine Foot and Mouth disease, which leads to destruction of creatures, whereas this is nothing similar, apart from the name of course.

Other exciting things that have been going on around the whare are:

  • driving lessons – oh, what a joyful process 
  • Knitting – I have taught myself to knit, and have made a sale – look out for more about this, I’m probably going to make an attempt at an online store one of these days soon, just getting a bit of stock up, so will have knitted product, cards and photographic items.
  • Cleaning up more puke, attempting to make appetising delicious easy to swallow toddler friendly healthy food.  Deciding I have been defeated, only to have him decide on tinned spaghetti.  Yup, Fine. 
  • Last night we had the wonder of sleep.  It was a bit like finding a long lost relative, and makes me wonder how we did it in those baby days.