Magpie Season

This morning on my way to work I saw my first Magpie swooping for this year.  I like nature, don’t get me wrong, but it gets a bit vicious this time of year.  Last year there was one with a real aversion to bikes that lived along the bike paths.  I don’t know what it’s deal was, but it and it’s brethren are the reason that most of the bicyclists on Bribie wear helmets with wonderfully artistic cable tie creations on top.  This particular fellow had a penchant for swooping in under the helmet from the left hand side and going for your eyes.

Also on vicious nature went for a walk up Wild Horse Mountain last weekend and were nearly carried away by mosquitos.  Detracted somewhat from the amazing views.  Will have to remember repellant next time we go.  They were HUGE and everywhere.

The seeds we planted last week are going nuts – the beans are already nearly ready to go in the ground, so I’ll have to start getting them ready for the sun, just realised the other day that whilst our shadehouse is wonderful and the plants that live there are awesome I have created more work for myself there.  We’ve had a great success rate with the beans, sunflowers, and poppies.  The linseed is going ok as are the beets, and the others are all a bit hit and miss.  Also from last weeks post I have started the sourdough.  As of yesterday I’ve had to consign it to the outside table as it is bubbling away beautifully, if rather pungently.  Hopefully this time I’ll have a better success with it.

On the house front – floors are booked in, and solar panels hitting the roof on Monday. Found a tiny patch of beautiful hardwood at the end of the hall, they oviously needed something a bit stronger than chipboard under the concrete in the bathroom and toilet.  But it would have been so awesome if it was everywhere – it’s so pretty.  Instead we are getting fake wood in the form of vinyl planks, which look suprisingly realistic, and not vinyl-y. Trying to work out what to do about the kickboards in the kitchen – they’re about 20 mm short of the floor, currently I’m trying to work out if I can do some kind of a cove tile to bridge the gap.  It would give a nice curved finish too and make cleaning better, but I just don’t know if it’s practical, or even do-able.

Shall report back next week!


Sourdough dreams

IMG_20140910_142706I have tried, once before to make my own sourdough.  After carefully measuring and feeding my way through about 5 days I had a lovely if rather whiffy mason jar sitting on my bench, nearly ready to go but when it only had a day or so to go a cold snap came along and killed it.

So now the kitchen is so close to being finished I’m feeling like I have some breathing space, and some bench space, and it’s coming up to summer, so it might be time to try again.  It’s pretty much just a case of 200g flour with 200ml warm water feeding and fermenting. But of course, as with all things which appear outwardly simple there is a far more complex process going on behind the scenes.  And with my propensity toward absent-mindedness there’s that whole issue of remembering to feed it.  After all it won’t tell me when it’s hungry – unlike another little tummy which is half the reason I’m thinking of doing sourdough again! Continue reading