High temps and Horror days

Some of you may have noticed that my last post went up in a rather unfinished state.  Also that it was posted at silly o’clock this morning.  That’s thanks to a case of what the doctor suspects is viral Laryngitis, which woke us up at 4.30am this morning.  Which also was followed with a sore throated voiceless wee man being very upset and making strange mewling noises.  Then when the doctors opened rushing to get the one appointment before noon.

The wishy-washy diagnosis (yeah, I get that kids just get stuff, but I hate how it’s “probably” this, or “maybe” that) meant that there was no daycare, and my day of shopping meant I had him along, which was fine, but it did mean that in the course of the day I bought:  Hydra-lyte (and a new drink bottle to drink it from), water, a red rooster kids meal (which I then ate myself as he couldn’t deal with it), Nurafen for kids, a whole new outfit (since he puked on what he was wearing) so my spend was rather more than I expected.

All he’s wanted to do is sleep, which he had difficulty with all day, and cuddle his Mumma. I hate it when you can’t DO anything, and he doesn’t understand why he’s so sore.  Poor wee man, can only hope that he feels better for his birthday tomorrow!

I will show off my shopping one day soon when it’s all calmed down here.