Today we bought chickens, they are Lohman crosses and they look a little like this:

**disclaimer** not actually one of our chickens

They are lovely little girls, and I have just found out that as per the council rules we can have up to 7 chickens in our area without requiring a permit, so a couple more may be in order, maybe Australorps, mostly cos I really like black chickens, and I think that it would be cool to try to source a Araucanas so we can have blue eggs.

Yup, I want designer chickens, so what?  It’s not like I’m going to give them totally ridiculous names, and get all attached to them so that when if it comes time for them to make the transition from providers of food to actual food. Hang on, what am I saying, they are never going to be on my table as people fodder.  They each cost $17.50, a carton of eggs is about $5, so as long as each of them provides more than 4 cartons of eggs in their lives, it’s a worthy investment.  Plus they dispose of food scraps, and provide entertainment.  Max is already playing the ‘little dictator’ game that he likes to play with all animals within his domain. Decreeing when they should eat, drink and generally be merry.  And the joy that comes when he advises them to eat and they do?  Priceless.

It’s raining here, and I want to go out and check on them.  Because earlier they seemed a bit stressed by their inside quarters, and would only stand in the doorway, an it must be unpleasant to be all we and feathery.  However I don’t have a torch with functioning batteries, so the whole exercise would be quite pointless with the only end result being me getting wet.  I shall refrain!

You shall be hearing further updates on the Gallus domesticus (aka all things chicken-y) In the mean time, vote on my poll