A distressing Sunday night

So I spent my night distressing a table, using some interesting methods:

  1. Used insect repellant to remove the majority of the stain on the table. This is highly effective, and way easier, cleaner and it also just manages to be less stinky than paint stripper
  2. Steel wool to remove the last of the stain.
  3. Coated the table with a baking soda paste, then painted vinegar on top.  I love the fizzy bit, and it makes the table all clean, absolves the need for scraping, and gives a weathered look.
  4. Scratched up the table a bit with a bottle top, this unfortunately meant I had to open and drink 3 beers.  As I needed to make 3 scratches in the table (ok, I just wanted to drink beer, somehow it just goes with the territory.
  5. Burnt some incense, then used the embers to scorch the table somewhat, and rubbed some ash into my scorch marks.
  6. Boiled up some pots of water to make some heat marks on the table.

Now I just have to wait for it to dry to see the finished product, kinda excited.



distressing close up

finished, but wet








In the kitchen, I have experimented with my dragonfruit, and also made some Aloe Gel, which I then used in:

1 2 3 Lemon Drink

1/3c lemon juice

1/3c orang juice

1-3 Tbsp Aloe Gel (or something resembling it – Aloe gel v hard to measure cos it’s so gloopy)

1/3c honey

1/3tsp cayenne pepper

1/3Tbsp sea salt (or one teaspoon, just 1/3 something seems to fit….)

Mix it all up, dilute with water to your liking


Peeling Aloe Leaf